Create and share clips from your favorite podcasts

It’s easy to save and share clips with syiked…

Do you find yourself taking notes when listening to podcasts? syiked makes it quick and easy to save clips from your favorite podcasts so that you can refer to them later or share them to social media. It’s faster than trying to take notes or screenshots.


When you hear something interesting as you’re listening, simply press the the scissor icon and keep your finger on there until you want to stop recording. Clips are currently limited to a maximum of 1 minute.


Want to share an interesting clip with your network? You can share clips to the main social media sites directly from the syiked app.


View the clip on your social media profile. The clip is share in video format using the podcast cover art, the episode title and a progress bar. That way, your followers don’t have use an app or navigate to another site to hear what you want to share.